Toronto Seed Library

St Stephen’s is proud to be the home of the Toronto Seed Library.

Seed Library The Toronto Seed Library is a community based project to build a network of seed sharing. Through the diverse community groups and facilities that are available, the Toronto Seed Library provides organic and heirloom seeds, as well as information and resources for urban agriculture. We coordinate a network of branches around the city where people can pick up seeds and knowledge for urban agriculture.

Feel free to get in touch, or set up an appointment, by emailing

“Each new seed library represents a new, radically decentralized approach to food security. Those at the vanguard of the movement recognize the revolutionary importance in their work. No one is demanding any transparency or accountability from the big seed companies. More and more, the only way we will have any kind of seed sovereignty is by saving our own seeds and sharing them.” —Alan Greene, Librarian and Founder of Hudson Valley Seed Library