The Saint Stephen's website

screenshot of iPod Touch running saintstephens.caSaint Stephen-in-the-Fields has had a web presence since 1998. The current site is the third major redesign, and follows a relatively long fallow period when there was no active or up-to-date website in the church’s name.

The current webmaster is Ken Simons, a local site designer and archivist. Ken writes: “I have chosen the Textpattern content management system as the framework for a clean, modern but lightweight site. To make the site fully compatible with smartphones, iPads, and other alternatives to desktop computers, I also installed a brand-new theme called ‘Yoko for Textpattern’. I was very pleased by how the new site looked, both on full-sized desktop monitors and on the iPhone’s pocket-sized screen (see image on this page). It is also disability-aware; I take care that my sites meet or exceed current accessibility standards.

“We are re-using a good deal of content from the previous St Stephen’s website (designed and maintained for many years by Sandra Gillians, whom we thank gratefully). Because we know that people, and not just Google, have bookmarks or links to our legacy content, we have been careful to map many of the old page addresses automatically on to our new system.

“Finally, and thanks to John Gardham, the new site has been blessed with a good stock of brilliant, crisp, colourful photos of the church and its activities. We may also add audio or video recordings as these become available.”