Lammas Day service

Ears of ripe wheatWednesday August 1, 6 pm
Alexandra Park

August 1, Lammas Day, is a traditional festival which celebrates the beginning of the wheat harvest in the northern hemisphere. It was customary to bring a loaf made from the first wheat harvest to the church for blessing (the word “Lammas” seems to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mass, or “loaf Mass.”

This service, a joint project involving several congregations in Parkdale Deanery, has been created with downtown Toronto in mind, to remind us of our continuing dependence on the natural world and the cycles of the agricultural year, and to celebrate the ways in which growth, harvest and food production take place in the urban setting as well. We will present for blessing flowers and vegetables from the Scadding Court Community Gardens, and bread freshly baked in the outdoor bread oven.

We’ll meet at the farmer’s market at the southeast corner of Scadding Court Community Centre, near Dundas West and Bathurst, and have a procession to the bread oven at northwest end of Alexandra Park, just below the skateboard area.

The service will be followed, around 7 pm, by a potluck meal and music in the park. Feel free to bring musical instruments, and food to share if you wish.