Clergy and Staff

Maggie Helwig Rev’d Canon Maggie Helwig


The Reverend Canon Maggie Helwig was appointed as priest-in-charge in May 2013, and as rector in January 2015. Before her ordination, Maggie worked as a writer, editor, arts organizer, and human rights activist. She spent nearly ten years as an organizer of the Friday Out of the Cold/Out of the Heat meal program, which began at St Stephen’s and is now hosted by St Thomas, Huron Street; she also worked as a parish outreach facilitator for York-Credit Valley, and chairs the diocesan Social Justice and Advocacy Committee. She has published twelve books of poetry, essays and fiction, and her most recent novel, Girls Fall Down (which includes scenes set in a slightly fictionalized St Stephen’s), was shortlisted for the Toronto Book Award in 2009, and chosen as the Toronto Public Library’s One Book Toronto in 2012. She has been the literary editor of Canadian Forum, the co-coordinator of the Toronto Small Press Fair and the associate director of the Scream Literary Festival.

Maggie has lived near St Stephen’s for most of her adult life (currently in the Alexandra Park area, a few minutes to the south), and is delighted to be part of a parish with such a long history of engaged urban ministry in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, and of a Kensington Market community alive with art, activism and social concern.

Elizabeth Cummings Rev. Elizabeth Cummings

Parish deacon

Andrea Budgey Mtr. Andrea Budgey

Honorary assistant

The Reverend Canon Andrea Budgey, our honorary assistant, is also the Humphrys Chaplain to the University of Trinity College and the Saint George campus of the University of Toronto.

Andrea completed both an M Mus (performance: oboe) and an MA (medieval studies: Celtic languages and literature, music) at the University of Toronto, and in 2006 obtained her M.Div from Trinity College. She was ordained priest in January of 2008, and was Assistant Curate at Saint Simon-the-Apostle in Toronto until the end of 2008. She has been involved in community outreach and advocacy for a number of years, and retains a strong interest in ecumenical and interfaith work; she welcomes constructive engagement with both seekers and skeptics. She is also advisory board chair of the University of Toronto unit of the Student Christian Movement. As a member and co-founder of the SINE NOMINE Ensemble for Medieval Music, she sings and plays harp, fiddle, recorder, and percussion, and has directed a number of medieval liturgical reconstructions. She has been an instructor (in Celtic Studies, music, and English) for Saint Michael’s College, the School of Continuing Studies, the Faculty of Music, and the Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto, a freelance writer and researcher, bookseller, and calligrapher, and has also worked in radio music production and concert management.

Janet Nichols Janet Nichols

Parish administrator

Those appointed and elected at the March 2021 Vestry:

Rector’s Warden: Leroy Niles
People’s Warden: Katherine Belyea
Deputy Rector’s Warden: Brent Campbell
Deputy People’s Warden: Martin Loeffler

Treasurer: Roxy Kendall

Advisory Board:
Janet Nichols (staff)
Mtr Maggie Helwig
Mtr Andrea Budgey
Deacon Elizabeth Cummings
Leroy Niles
Katherine Belyea
Brent Campbell
Martin Loeffler
Roxy Kendall
Adonica Huggins
Sarah Erik Sackville-McLaughlin
Christy Ihunaegbo
Annette Brooker
Sue Ann Elite
Esther Townshend

Delegate to Synod: Sue Ann Elite
Alternate Delegate to Synod: Katherine Belyea
Youth Delegate to Synod: Élise Lafleur

Toronto Seed Library representative:
Katie Berger,