2021 Vestry

Sharon Abel
Tom Abel
Elie Abisdris
Leonie Bell
Katherine Belyea
Evernese Benskin
Joyce Benskin
David Bland
Annette Brooker
Errol Brooker
Shanese Brooker
Serena Brooker
Chester Brown
Lovina Bryan
Brent Campbell
Jonathan Chabot
Jack Chadwick
Anna Christopher
Phyllis Coombs
Elizabeth Cummings
Compton Downes
Olivia Dziwak
Sue Ann Elite
Maria Erskine
Mischa Baudisch-McCabe
Monica Fakiyesi
Keith Freeman
Tucker Gordon
Peter Haresnape
Maggie Helwig
Simone Helwig
Zoe Henderson
Adonica Huggins
John Huggins
Charlie Huisken
Marguerite Hunt
Vincent Hunte
Rebecca Hunte
Christie Ihunaegbo
Raphael Ihunaegbo
Denholm Kendall
Anne Keary
Sylvia Kerr
Tucker Knight
√Člise LaFleur
Sylvia Lassam
Sook-Yin Lee
Hendrik Martin
Matthew Murphy
John Mutambirwa
Leroy Niles
Jennifer Ower
David Pascoe
Dominique Russell
Sarah Amelia Sackville-McLaughlin
Ken Simons
Christopher Sims
Hugh Thomas
Esther Townshend
Francilla Tonge
Bertley Ward

The above is a list, prepared in accordance with the Canon on Vestries of the Synod of the Diocese, of persons sixteen years of age and over who have been members of and worshippers with this congregation for at least three months prior to the annual meeting of the vestry. Applications to have names added to or removed from the list shall be made in writing. The persons whose names appear on this list as finally settled shall be members of the vestry, and shall be entitled to vote at the elections thereof for the ensuing year.